Bones are Walking- The Spirit Rattle

“Armies of the Dead, march forth!

Ye rising clamour of elder bones,

Dry be the husks of the Brethren of Old:

As One cry forth from the Hallow’d Halls beneath!

As the crash of Stone upon Stone,

Let thy manifold voices resound:

By groan of deepest Earth,

By crack of thunder and the drums of war;

By warning of the Viper’s tail,

Now Goad the Gods before me,

Now march forth unto the circle of art”

-Viridarium Umbris, The Pleasure Garden of Shadow by Daniel A. Schulke

The Rattle serves as a tool of invocation and summoning, calling forth the spirits of the dead,- our ancestors, and the spirits of place. It also serves as a tool of cleansing and banishment, breaking up thick, mucky clods of negative energy and dissipating them through the use of sound.

I have been using a beautiful phallic gourd to serve these functions for a few years, but I never felt the need to decorate it as i enjoyed its natural aesthetic. But since I am doing a little Spring Witching and doing a major cleanse I have decided to decorate the gourd and make it into a more potent tool of invocation, using feathers of my Familiar.

I choose the colours white and red:

White the colour of bone and death

Red the colour of blood and life.

I love to work with string and feather, it is soothing, and connects me with The Three. I wind the thread up and around, feeling the phallic form with my fingers. Thunder and spirit will dance and shake with this rattle in my hands. The roundness of the bulb part of the gourd is womb-like, black as a tomb, and with the potential for creation.

I choose the feathers carefully, selecting a white goose feather and the feathers of my Familiar, each feather is kissed and touched gently while being attached with beads of protection and love. I complete the rattle by attaching red buttons, spots of blood and life…

Spirit Rattle

“Bones, dance; know the shaman’s death
Bones, dance; hear the raven’s cry
Bones, dance; see the ancestors
Dancing in the desert, in the desert tonight
Dancing in the desert, in the desert tonight”

-Flight of the Hawk- Bones

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