Home-made Cleaning Products Recipes

As Deipnon approaches,  physical cleansing becomes an important part of “cleaning house”. The very act of physically cleaning helps to rid the house of negative energy and general nastiness, as nasty spirits and energies gather in dust and grime.

These are two recipe’s which I often use for cleaning:

All purpose surface cleaner

1 part vinegar
1 part juice from squeezed lemon
8 parts
herbal infusion ( Rose, lavender, mint, geranium)

Floral scrub

1 part baking soda
1 tablespoon sea salt
1/4 cup of geranium, Rosemary and lavender leaves

Grind or blend the ingredients. Sprinkle on the surface, wet slightly and scrub.

Start in the room that carries the most grime, and work your way through each room. You can put on some music, or chant, whichever will help you focus on removing the dirt and grime.

2 thoughts on “Home-made Cleaning Products Recipes

  1. These look like great recipes. Every time I clean with baking soda I’m amazed at how it works just as well as commercial cleaners (and smells so much better with essential oils added!).

    • I am looking to try out and adapt another recipe I have found for my rugs,I can’t wait to try it out, as I don’t like to use commercial cleaners myself. With herbal blends I can always add that little bit of magic to my cleaning as well.

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