Day 9- Seven eyes charm of protection

” The eye of Ra appears against you, she devours you, she punishes you”
-Pyramid Text

Working closely with Hathor puts me in close contact with her Leonine  “altar-ego” Sekhmet.

Sekhmet is raw power, and one of the “Big Guns” when it comes to removing evil forces and grimy presences. She is an incredibly powerful ally when things get tough. I keep statuary in Her honour on my household shrine and offer up my fears and sorrows.

When I found these red evil eye beads I was inspired to create this protective charm in her honour.


– Seven red evil eye beads
– 27 obsidian or black beads
– Arrow or diamond charm
– White, black, or red thread or chain links

String the beads on the thread or chain links invoking Sekhmet in Her aspect as eye of Ra.

“Seven red eyes look upon you
Seven red eyes turn you away,
Seven red eyes devour you,
Evil cannot dwell where the seven eyes Watch
Red eyes stalk the Desert,
Prowling and growling with teeth
Seven red eyes pierce like arrows
Seven red eyes protect me. ”

Bless and charm the beads with oil of Black pepper, the juice of red hot chillies and pomegranate juice.

All blog content is copyright 2015 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom


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