Seven Eyes of Protection-Averting The Evil Eye

” The eye of Ra appears against you, she devours you, she punishes you”
-Pyramid Text

The Evil eye is a type of curse which is caused, often unintentionally, by envy and jealousy. Sometimes, The Evil Eye may be intentionally sent through malicious glances and mutterings. The Evil eye can cause illness, misfortune and even death, if the intent is powerful enough.

In many cultures there have been charms to avert the Evil eye. In Scottish Highland culture we have examples of people ptotecting themselves from the Evil Eye through diversion- passing it onto natural objects and animals. The most prominent form of transference was to send the evil eye back to the person who sent it.

An example recorded by J.G. Campell, mentioned in relation to Isobel Gowdie’s charms in Emma Wilby’s “Visions of Isobel Gowdie”, reads as follows:

Whoever has thee under lock

Of eye or malice or envy,

On themselves may it fall-

On their goods and on their children,

On their juice and on their fatness,

On their long white ground,

On their choicest herd,

Their white-backed cows,

Their sheep

And pointed goats.

I have worked my own charms against The Evil Eye, beading eye charms on string with bits of my familiars in order to strike down anyone who wishes me ill.

One charm I made specifically invoking the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet was believed to have seven aspects or forms which were known as arrows.

These were viewed as malevolent forces and often brought sickness and misfortune. These arrows then, are very much like the Evil Eye, and can be viewed as Eyes of Malediction. According to Constantine and Coquio in their book “Bast and Sekhmet Eyes of Ra” Sekhmet and her arrows can be invoked avert the evil eye as much as it can be used to send it forth.

I created my charm on a Tuesday, invoking martial energy and strung seven evil eye beads on a thread. As I strung the beads I chanted my charm:

“Seven red eyes look upon you

Seven red eyes turn you away,

Seven red eyes devour you,

Evil cannot dwell where the seven eyes Watch

Red eyes stalk the Desert,

Prowling and growling with teeth

Seven red eyes pierce like arrows

Seven red eyes protect me. ”

I blessed the charm with the oil of Black pepper, Red Chillies and Pomegranate juice. It could also be charged using the Hellebore sigil and with crushed Hellebore flowers and leaves.

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