Unfinished business Day 11


Every time I believe I am getting closer to completion, I find another fray in the fabric. Shadow work is never complete, there will always be areas that need work, even areas you thought you may have worked through become neglected and the work has to begin again.

This project that I have been working on is part of that process… what will completing it mean? I will have to work on something else, there will always be something else… another aspect of my life that needs work, another aspect of myself and my soul which needs healing and repair, or to be let go of.

The process is hard, which is why I use these crafts,my art, my blog and poetry to work through it, but even when one battle is won, the war has only just  begun.

I have unfinished business, incomplete crafts, artworks and unhealed shadows. I must work on them or allow them to fester, get dusty, and forgotten… 


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