Toads and Witches

“I went to the toad that lies under the wall

I charmed him out, and he came at my call”

-Masque of Queens- Ben Johnson. *

On a quiet walk in the park with The Hedgehog and my hellion, I heard the croaking of toads and frogs. Delighted by the deep, resonating sound across the dam, I was taken on a journey back to when I was a frog-following child. 

I was always fascinated by frogs and toads, never hesitating to pick them up and rescue them from drowning in netting or from the jaws of our dogs and cats. Their croaking is a song of the chthonic underworld, deeply black and fertile, bringing the power of transformation through poison.

Toads and Frogs have long had associations with Witchcraft, both as Familiar spirits and as ingredients within potions. They invoke disgust and passionate responses of hatred among many people, but to me they have always been the Singers of the Otherworld– hearing the voices of hundreds of frogs or even just one lone devilish fiend can bring you to a state of trance and in contact with the deepest parts of your soul and Nature.

Frogs and Toads are harbingers of spring… the rain will come and I can send my blessings and curses by kissing sweet and noxious toads…

In honour of the Toad, and all the magic and power granted from this blessed, bedeviled creature, I have created a charm necklace, blessed by moonlight, blood and poisons in the depths of night and burgeoning heat of spring.

Toad n skull

Further Reading:

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One thought on “Toads and Witches

  1. I like that quote, very cute. My sister was the same way with frogs when she was younger, it was funny to watch her. ^.^ That necklace is gorgeous; the frog charm especially. Thanks for the tag, I shall get on it soon!

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