The Dark Forest

“She’s got the whole dark forest living inside of her.
– Tom Waits


As witches we share a deep connection with nature and all of her creatures, we are after all, part man, part animal and part spirit; half dead, half alive, our blood is green, and our bones are bristled.

Our spiritual anatomy links us to the Web of all fate and life, and we are connected by deep venous threads to the land we live on. Every creature, every plant, each rock and spirit that resides in the land is a part of us. We are deeply rooted in the soil in which we plant our Witchy gardens and we are ensouled in every living or natural being.

Inside of us we carry the dark forest, the shadows and the shades of the dead the energies and memories of each being who walked this land before. We are croaking toads and hooting owls, dancing spiders and undulating snakes. We are wild and we are the wilderness, untamed and full of the blood of life…

*I have been nominated to participate in the three day quote challenge by Wiccan Woman.  For three days I am meant to post a quote I like.  On each of my posts, I am to tag three fellow bloggers, who are nominated to take part in the challenge. It would be grand if others participated as well.

Today I nominate:

Hocus Pocus 13
Sarenth Odinsson


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