Wild Witches

” Witchcraft medicine is wild medicine. It is uncontrollable, it surpasses the ruling order. It is anarchy. It belongs to the wilderness. It scares people. It is one thing above all: heathen”
– Witchcraft Medicine – Christian Rätsch*

Witches are not born to fit in with mainstream society. Rebellion is in our serpent-kissed blood and we are not ally to the capitalistic ruling order. We are like the solanaceous weeds growing along the beautifully planned and neat gardens of the upper classes and like weeds we are reviled, and even feared.And we are feared for good reason, since just like the solanaceae we are not only healers but cursers as well.

I embrace this part of my heritage, being serpent-born and unafraid of the truth of my soul.Plants, Silhouettes, Dark, Flora


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