Solstice Blessings- Animism and House Cleansing



Summer Solstice 006


“Who comes to me I keep,
Who goes from me I free,
Yet against all I stand
Who carry not my key”

– Valerie Worth


Every spirit and being that passes through my door by my hand is honoured and given nourishment. The spirits of the animals and plants are welcome, as are my beloved dead and my beloved living.


Some spirits are not to remain in my home, but are to be gifted.
While they enter my home, I cleanse them, honour them and respect them, as while they are in my care, they are a part of me.

I light candles, sing songs and cleanse with water and incense, feathers, bones, wood, and found objects.

As an animist and witch, it is important for me to keep my home clean, and blessed, and to offer a warm and nourishing welcome to all beings who choose to visit or stay or who reside on the land I live. My witchcraft is a deep and powerful relationship and love for the spirit world, whether they are living spirits or ones on the other side.

It is the Summer Solstice today. I leave watermelon for the birds and begin my house cleansing. I will sing to the bones and the Fae,  and leave offerings of milk and burn herbs for the Fae and the Others.

Foxglove Dalmation

-Nightshade Purplebroom


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