The Full Moon in Scorpio- Only Devil’s Have Green Eyes

Only Devil’s have green eyes-
Flashing with poison, fury, and the touch of
I bear myself to The Scorpion
The bitter poison enters my mouth
I take another gulp of wine,
This feels like death
I have to take another sip of rotten-worm tea,
The tears stream down my face
The Scorpion burns my teeth,gums and throat
This is an initiation-
A dark encounter with my gift-curse
And again
The Scorpion thrashes and strikes,
I will not vomit the scorpion up
I am seeing inside of things,
Peeling apart my own flesh to get to the center of myself-
Twenty-seven layers;
I gather them like snake-shed and dead butterflies
One more sip
Of the Devil’s own drink,
At the last hour of my day of birth
I begin to retch,
But I force the scorpion down
I accept my gift-curse,
after fighting for so long,
The Devil’s green eyes are my own.


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