The Owl and The Mouse-Owl Moon


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit- Kim Krans

Sometimes I am the owl,
With feathers soft, swift, and silent,
Bringer of death,
Filled with hellfire and blood

Sometimes I am the mouse,
Quiet and gnawing,
Always aware,
and wary

And then I am both,
Killer and killed,
Predator and prey
Walking the edges
Of life and death,
Two eyes always shifting,
Between this world and the



I gift Widdershins a rose from my old garden. Owl magic is working it’s way even more deeply into my bones, Rat magic, Owl magic, two sides of the same coin. Two Devils- blight, death, evil, plague, witchcraft, corruption, devilry. Sometimes the edge is blurry, other times it looks more like a knife, ready to cut.


A brush with death is stimulating indeed;
A closer taste rather calms.- Dale Pendell

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