Of Moths, Sorcery and Poison- Winter Moon

On the last full moon, I gifted poison to the spirits, offering them Hellebore, Moth Vine and Datura. I laid my offerings out on a temporary altar, and crafted silent ritual, asking the spirits to help me find a new home, the search having gotten quite desperate. The Yaga hut was the focal point for the ritual, a craft I had made out of wool, wooden skewers and buttons. 

The night was cold, the moon was full, the scent of geranium burning in the oil burner wafted through the air. Selenite and drusy quarts were glimmering with the light from the solitary candle in the oil burner, and all was silent. 

I now have a home waiting for me, and at Deipnon I will thank the spirits for their help. This is the sorcerous path. 

Moving is one of the great trauma’s in life, especially when the decision to move is out of your hands. It is like being ripped up from your rooted self, and being thrown into the wind. Even when you can see the good things that have come or will come from the move you break down, you feel drained, shattered and emotionally unstable. 

This is one the biggest transitional periods of my life- 27- a lot is happening. The Scorpion medicine is fighting its way through my body, into my soul. I knew big things would come after The Scorpio Moon, but I still felt blindsided. My cards had been warning me…

Now as I have moved into a temporary abode, until I move into my new home, I feel many things, and realise that I had not been happy in my old home for a long time. I felt quite a bit like the cottage was pushing me out, sometimes I felt unwelcome, sometimes I felt like it was just strange and surreal to be there. Even the rats were becoming silent. I was no longer fitting comfortably in the boundaries of the walls, the mold and damp problems were getting worse, the wall looking to the outside was cracked open, the many shrines and altars I had were abandoned for dust and junk piled up at a faster rate than what it could be gotten rid of.

 And then there was a cleansing, a transition- deadly, swift and traumatic. And my wings are barely back, but the seeds want to fly. I feel this change will be a good thing, It might be the push I need to write my book, to carry on with the Sigilry project. Plants grow better when the dead leaves and flowers are removed, no energy is wasted then on trying to nourish the dead parts.  Every so often the plant may outgrow its pot, and will need to be transplanted. Winter is the best time for pruning, and transplanting, for uprooting, and the making of Alraun’s. 

Brugmansia Roots

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