Political Witchcraft – a short post

​A Paganism, a Witchcraft which does not have at its heart this world, i.e nature, ecology, social equality and justice,anarchism and the fall of systems which only seek to destroy resources and marginalise those which fail to comply, is not a paganism or witchcraft worth having- the gods don’t live in our heads, they don’t live on some mountain-top away from this earth, they are the living beating heart of this planet.
People have said that Anubis is a god who is not concerned with this world, for He is a god of death, a mummifier, an underworld god, not a worldy one.They say people like me are worshipping Apuat (Wepwawet) not Anubis, because Anubis is not relateable. But I vehemently disagree. What can be more “This World” than death and decay. The food we eat, the ancestors we worship, the soil we grow our plants in, the shells we decorate our altars with, everything in this world is part of the process…Hell my plants thrive on dead things. All that is living will die.
This is a fundamental truth which needs to be accepted, if we are ever going to move beyond blind-consumerism, and the destructive system of capitalism. I never set out for my paganism to be political. Its a devotional path,I love my gods and my familiars, I lay offerings on the altars, I use alternative meditational practices, I sing songs and write poetry.  
But the personal is political. And you can bet your tush my gods are at the center of that politics. If there are no more wild places, and no more wolves, no amount of “Calling the wildish self”, or wild woman retreats, or “find your inner witch” is going to do anything to bring it back. We praise the wise spirit of Owl, but poison Owl’s food. We call on Hathor, the great nourishing Cow Goddess, but treat our cattle like consumable crap. We say how much we love the earth, but kill of all the bees and butterflies by using pesticides. We would rather have pretty lawns with white picket fences, than wild forests with bugs and predators, or lawns made of food.
Our entire planet is changing, climate change is real, it is effecting every corner of the globe. How can we afford to not be political?
Anubis is a god of death. We are experiencing a Holocene extinction; we are in the midst of a mass extinction event, that we are the primary cause of.
Are you going to sit there and tell me that Anubis, Lord of the Duat, Lord of the Dead, Psychopomp, Lord of lost souls and orphans, is not concerned about this world? Anubis is more to me, than he is in Kemetic Reconstructive paths, He is Trickster, Cunning Master, Bone lord, Compassionate Devourer of corpses, Lord of curses, and dare I say King of Beasts, but regardless of my UPG, he has always been Lord of the Dead and Death.
As for Hekate, the appellation “World-Soul” should say it all. But she is also Witch Queen, and Psychompomp, the Queen of the Beasts and the Wild if you will.
My Witchcraft will not do with piety, my Paganism has nothing to learn from Fundamentalism. I am an anarchist. My witchcraft is political, because this planet is mine, and I will not give up without a bloody fight. This is apocalyptic witchcraft.
Originally posted on Tumblr  25 April 2016

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