An Abundance of Horror-The Ants: The Land, The Dead and Curses 

“I don’t believe in evil, I believe only in horror. In nature there is no evil, only an abundance of horror: the plagues and the blights and the ants and the maggots”- Isak Dinesen

On my twenty-seventh birthday I woke up from a dream where ants were crawling underneath my skin. They were making me itch and burn. I cut my skin to get them out but my skin began to peel off in whole pieces like snake-shed. It was terrifying in a small way-being alive with thousands of beings tearing through my skin. I was like the earth, alive with the movement of countless other beings, constantly being reborn through them even as parts of me were dying.

“Ants are the leading removers of dead creatures on the land. And the rest of life is substantially dependent upon them”-. E. O. Wilson

Ants are Land Spirits, living within the earth serving as ecosystem engineers.They are also instrumental to bonework helping to rend the flesh off of bones so that they may be used in spirit work and witchcraft. 

This last month has been trying, working my way through ant magic and all the anxiety crawling over my mind and flesh like ants, and the spirit work with a Black sheep known as Black Phillip have taken their toll on me. For me November and at least part of December has been a month of emotional turmoil, mental fatigue and holding back my anger and wrath. 

Part of what has been tempting me into wrath, has been the constant accummulation of clutter in my home- the level of anxiety cannot be underestimated in someone with Virgo Rising. I remember reading a blog post on Root and Rock by Scylla regarding clutter and curses, and something about that blog post stuck in my mind, about how to recognise that people are trying to squirm and worm their way into your head, about how negative energy and curses, jynxes and hexes often have very physical warning signs. Clutter is one. Insects are another. Inscets like ants and beetles and flies.

Pay attention to the warning signs. Sometimes these signs may not be signs at all, but merely just the way things are. Sometimes  the curse or the energy is not even directed at you, you just happen to be a bystander. But sometimes, sometimes the signs are a warning and Witches take warnings very seriously.

No one will attempt to break my barriers and succeed. This is not your place. This is not your time. This is not for you. 

 I am not a kind witch. Not when it comes to my safety and my loved ones and since the goose moon, since some part of my soul fled, and some strange part came to replace it I have been more rabid and less patient with bullshit.  And ants, well ants are my allies. Like every creature I have known and will come to know on this path, because I gave my soul to them, the ants and the beetles, and the worms are part of me as much as I am a part of them, the foxes, the serpents, the rats, the owls- all of them.There is not one I do not love as my own. 

Insects have traditionally been considered conduits for malevolent magic, sometimes being imps and demons, acting as witches familiars, and sometimes as manifestations of curses.  

“It is one of obligations that witches owe to the devil that, when they assemble at the Sabbat, they must show that they have wrought some fresh evil since last meeting;and if they cannot do so they escape with impunity. And that they may not plead ignorance as an excuse, their evil Master instructs them in all those activities which he demands from them: as in infesting the trees and fruits eith locusts, caterpillars, worms and such pestilant vermin which devour everything, seeds, leaves and fruit;”

-Compendium Maleficarum

Insects are a rather insidous manner in which to spread corruption, curses and revenge, and ants are some of the most inconspicuous of them all, often considered to be insignificant. And yet Red ants and fire ants have a reputation for their biting venom and the awful sting of their teeth. Ants can be employed in itch and burn hexes and some hexes use the soil of ant hills to cause discord in the home. 

As land spirits they also convey messages to the underworld, to the Bone Mother, to the dread beings of the infernal realms, and allied with the Chthonic beings whose power is monstrous and terrifying.They serve one Queen- and her name is Hel, or Persephone.

As a witch I am allied to the land and Her spirits…and the land is a serpent with ants crawling deep into her crevices. I carve my body with sigils and echo the deep etches in my bones from the Lord of Death, and the Lady of the Crossroads. 

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