Of Crocodile Gods and Devotional Anthologies

“O Rager, Crocodile god,

Petals of poppies red as blood

I offer to you”

The lovely Sobek devotional, Lord of the Carnelian Temple, from Neos Alexandria/Bibliotheca Alexandrina, to which I have contributed pieces, is now available for purchase.

Sobek, always at the edges of the watery depths of the dreamland, has been part of my practices and worship for many years. I will never forget his toothy grin as he entered my dreams in dark and murky waters in swamps, rivers and ponds. I will always remember the first time I saw the Crocodiles and knew that they were Dragons and from then forever searched for them in wild and bookish places.

My love of magic and the occult began with Egypt. My Oupa was a Rosicrucian, and had a small temple filled with incense and books which spoke of the Egyptian gods and ancient lands. My mother as a child would sketch Anubis upon the sarcophagus and would often sneak into my Oupa’s temple room to scry with the crystal ball. I took after my mother and would often do the same. I collected magazines and books on Egypt and statues of Egyptian gods.

I am a devotee of Anubis and Hekate and have at times devoted my practices to many of the gods and beings of Egypt- torrid ecstatic rites with Het-Heret, Avian offerings to Mut and Horus; familial devotions to Bastet and Sekhmet, and would always hold my wildish and strange rites for Anubis and Sobek.

One might wonder what Traditional Witchcraft has to do with Egypt, and for a while I myself felt a little lost, and bewildered as to whether there was any connection to my current practices. My devotions to many of the gods has fallen away, the statues have been packed in boxes, due to lack of space and need. My altar to Anubis would always remain, and Sobek would always hold position on it. While my practices became more devilish and based on European folkloric witchcraft, my relationship with Anubis and Sobek changed and deepened in many ways. The intertwining of my Poison Oaths to Hekate and my Red Oaths to Anubis were the binding forces and would take me on many journeys to beings and spirits of the Otherside including Ancestral and Animalistic beings.

In this devotional I write of these practices and journeys with Sobek.

Upon reading Cecil Williamson’s book of Witchcraft by Steven Patterson, I saw deeper connections. I had not known that Williamson believed the roots of Witchcraft to lie within Egypt and was intrigued by all of these ideas and musings.

I wish I had been able to explore more deeply the threads that linked Traditional Witchcraft and my practices with Sobek and other beings of Egypt in this devotional and would have loved to contribute more pieces, but of course I have more time now to explore these Mysteries through other writing.

Lord of the Carnelian Temple is filled with Hymns, poems, art, and rituals for Sobek from many talented writers including Sobekimiti from Per Sebek, who edited this devotional, and is a testimony to the relevance of the Old Gods in these times of Chaos and Turmoil. After this small taste of the works of these authors, I am left hungry for more . I hope that this devotional inspires others who are devoted to the Crocodile god, to engage in discourse through their own writings and art.

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