The Holly Hag- A Modern Folk Tale

It is said that there is a Hag who lives in the Holly tree.

They call her Grandmother.

She has storm grey hair and blood red eyes and a nose as crooked as wind torn branches.

It was said that you could never take a piece from the Holly tree without The Hag’s say or she would surely follow you home;

Every nightmare,

Every accident,

Every bad little thing –

You could be sure it was her haunting you.

If you wanted a branch for a spell or some other charm you would have to ask Grandmother first.

And if she refused you would have to walk on and leave her be and never come to the Holly tree again.

Sometimes you could ask for a boon and she would grant it. But it always came at a price.

If you wish to invoke this Holly Hag

Go at midnight

and go alone.

Find a lone Holly Tree and

Ask Grandmother for what you desire

Leave always a drop of your blood.

If she lets you

Take a branch and hang it on your bed

for protection and good luck

She will grant your wish.

But remember then that you are in her debt.

Every midwinter you must go to the holly tree and leave a drop of your blood.

From now until your own bones are as crooked as hers,

and you hair is storm ragged and your heart as bitter as berries.

And when you die,

a part of you will always remain with the Tree

And you too will become that old Grandmother –

The Hag of the Holly.

All writing and artwork copyright of Nightshade Purplebroom 2019

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