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  1. I was wondering if you would help me out here. You see, I’ve been very much Intrested in invoking Anubis as my god, but I don’t want to rush into things without research and some patience. Do you have any advice you can give me? I’m really honored with any bit of detail or information about Anubis.

    • Hello, If you haven’t already looked at my posts on Anubis and How I relate to Him, then you could do so here, here and here.

      Alternatively here are some links, Kemet.org Anubis, Anubis, Yinepu Wikipedia, Anubis led, Anubis, a Relationship, Wepwawet versus Anup, Adorations to Anubis, On the Nature of Anubis, The rite of Anubis, Ceremony of Anubis that will give you insight into Anubis and His role in Ancient Egypt and other modern Pagan practices.

      Anubis is a wonderful companion, God, and guide, and that is how I would suggest to approach Him, as a friend. Anubis loves coffee, so like you
      would a friend, offer Him some coffee and meditate on Him, talk to Him. That is the simplest and most sincere way in which to approach Him.

      He may be scary, but you will get used to it, and realise that He really is not so scary to approach. Once you have established a relationship with Him in that way, you can start to hold more formal ceremonies for Him.

      I’m not sure whether you are interested in Kemetic or Wiccan practice, or even some other Pagan practice but depending on your interests, you should research on those ritual formats and then honour Anubis in that way. If you are eclectic in your approach then it would be helpful to look into Tamaran Wiccan practice which is a form of Egyptian Neo-Wicca.

      Some recommended books are “Circle of Isis” by Ellen Cannon Reed, “The Anubis Oracle and “The Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt” by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, “The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt” by Rosemary Clark, “Invoking The Egyptian Gods” by Judith Page and Ken Biles, “Egyptian Paganism” by Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon. These will help you to understand the Egyptian mindset and cosmology and how Anubis fits into them.

      In many of my ceremonies for Anubis I offer things like Coffee, chocolate (he really likes Wasabi Chocolate), Whiskey, Rum, Honey, Milk, incense (Myrrh), and Roses. Do not be afraid to listen to your intuition and experiment.

      You can start by building a small shrine for Him, which need not be pricey. All you really need is a picture or statue of him, and there are many wonderful images of him online. You can even use a painted image on Papyrus if you can find one. Set aside a clean surface that can be your shrine, you can use an altar cloth if you like, black is a good colour.

      You can then burn some incense and a small candle there in the mornings and evenings, and can have a small cup or mug of coffee or milk for Anubis on the shrine as well. Over time you can add or remove things from the shrine.

      If you cannot keep a permanent shrine that is fine too, set it up when you can, I used a footstool for a while as my portable altar shrine when I had little space.

      Other than that, all I can say is to keep an open mind and an open heart. Anubis is a very compassionate God with quite a sense of Humour, but he also has lessons to teach which can be frightening and difficult. He is fiercely loyal to His devotees and should be respected in the same manner.

  2. Thank you sooo sooo much! You don’t know how much it means to me, that someone actually helped me in such a way! I’m a pagan yet I have much to learn, I actually have 4 teachers and they are all generations to generations of witches, yet they think I’m to young to learn anything. I think it’s kind of selfish since I’ve been Intrested in learning as much as I can since I was 14. They only seem to be Intrested in cursing people who do them wrong, ok I may understand but they get out of hand, they seem to be immature about it. It’s a thing were you have to be there in order to understand. Also thank you for all the tips you gave me in order to understand Anubis a bit more. I look forward in working with him and to respect him as he deserves.

  3. I only discovered you today although I had spied a couple pieces of yours on Pinterest earlier. You are a joy, indeed! I find you to be articulate, intense and you have a sense of integrity that appeals to me. I value that you brook no bullshit and seem to have an eye for the same!

    I have been a practicing Pantheist for just over 50 years and follow our Lady Hekate. Most likely, it is thanks to her that I am alive today. Thank you for bringing an intriguing gift into my life. Linda-Dale Jennings,

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Words, hold such a power for me and yours are very much appreciated and have brought warmth to me. Sometimes I struggle with my own words and writing and creating anything is difficult, in those times kind words like yours keep me going and inspire me greatly. Thank you for taking the time to write to me.


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