The Purple Broom supports sustainable practices and does not advocate the harm or destruction of any animals or plant life. I, Nightshade Purplebroom, ethically obtain bones from roadkill, and natural deaths and do not support poisoning, hunting, or trapping.  While some of the animals in my possession may have died unkind deaths at the hands of others, the processing of these bones has been of a healing nature in order to restore compassion, dignity and kindness to the death of animal in question. I have written of these practices on The Purple Broom  with regards to Black Phillip Blackberry and The Rat.

While some invasive herbs may be wildcrafted in velds, parks, and roadsides for use in medicines and witchcraft, all other plant material is obtained through gardening practices, or sourced from local herbal suppliers. I am a vegetarian who has a deep love for nature and its spirits and beings. I only create what I can with what I have available, never taking too much and always seeking permission.


The information on this blog is provided for historical and/or educational purposes only and IS NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor are any articles to be taken as encouragement for the use of any entheogenic, or poisonous substances. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.I Nightshade Purplebroom author and artist of The Purple Broom, will not be held liable for the improper use of any plants or documentation thereof that is available on this blog, including plants which are known poisons.

By using this blog and the information provided, you agree to hold The Purple Broom and its owner Nightshade Purplebroom, unaccountable for any harm that may be caused.


The information provided on this blog with regards to witchcraft, and practices associated with witchcraft, are personal, historical and/or educational in nature. Always use common sense when it comes to working with poisons and bones as well as engaging with any spirits or beings. I Nightshade Purplebroom, will not be held responsible for any actions which are undertaken which may be illegal in your state or country. Please always consult with the correct authorities in your area such as wildlife officers and keep in mind good practices when it comes to gathering both bones and herbs, and/or any other magical items. By using this blog and the information provided, you agree to hold The Purple Broom and its owner- Nightshade Purplebroom, unaccountable for any harm or effects that may be caused.


Argemone Ochroleuca- Pale Mexican Poppy