The Craft of the Three Ways

Witchcraft is the poetry of the land, it rises up from the darkest depths, infernal and serpentine, and winds its way through our bones and blood.

My witchcraft is necromantic, venefic, and animistic. I work with bone, flower and feathers. I dance, hum, whisper and shake. I live passionately through my Witchcraft. I know no other way. It is as much a part of me as my soul and skin. My witchcraft is sensual, earthy and devotional. It is a spiritual path because I make it so; every being is a little god, each blade of grass animated with the power of life…

The Canine gods are the patrons of my poisonous path. But there are others who I have given my devotion to as well, who are more ancestral, more fae, you might read about them across my blog.

My path is steeped in mythology and folklore, which is not static and forever changing. I explore the myth-making process through art, poetry and magical practices. My greatest inspiration is Nature Herself, with Her ever-unfolding beauty and rawness.

I follow the serpent, the owl and the toad as they guide me along my path and I am forever grateful for their wisdom and presence in my life.

The Three Ways are Devotion, Balance and Transformation.

The Fourth is Mystery…

Nightshade Purplebroom

8 thoughts on “The Craft of the Three Ways

  1. I am a male witch, looking to increase my spellbook’s rank of spells. Any you could recommend? Also, I would love to hear more of your tales about life, death, and feminism.

    • Well, stick around my blog and navigate to the feminist tag and the topics on death and you will find more posts. I of course will continue to blog about these topics in the future.

      I find that the best and most powerful spells are the ones created by yourself. If you have a good knowledge of your own magical associations and traditional correspondences then it is fairly easy to create a spell that has both your signature and the magical oomph that one needs. I do not tend to post spells on this blog, although there is the occasional one here and there. My witchcraft is based on religious devotion to my gods and kitchen witchery which is the basic principle of seeing magic in every act, therefore spell work is not the largest focus of my practice and this blog. Although spell work does play an important part in my craft and my system, all the spells that I do work, are created from an understanding of the moon phases, herbal correspondences, and the energies surrounding a particular day, and often employ cooking, stitching, and charm making. If you are looking for a reference book on spells I recommend The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 spells, which has an assortment of spells both silly and serious which is great for inspiration.

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  5. I love your path as a witch, very individual, and that is the way it should be, I am Wicca, I have been practicing for over 35 years, Once 3rd degree is reached, you can hive off another coven, or go solitary, tho I still work with a coven, I have decided that my path in Wicca will be mainly solitary, And eclectic. I work with the Egyptian deity’s as well as the lord and lady of Wicca. My Patron is lord Anpu, and I work with Bast, the goddess Asset, and Osiris, and the mighty Ra. My path of a witch since the late 70,s has been one of wonder and transformation, this continues, transformation has no destination, it just continues, the darkness and light of transformation are good and close friends, that bring great wisdom. Blessed Be, Sirius.

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