Pagan Resources for the Southern Hemisphere


A look at Paganism in South Africa

Neopaganism in South Africa

Shops & Supplies*


Golden Gecko in Benoni

Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre in Randburg

Earthstone, Fire & Ice– Crystal shop in Monte Casino

African Gems and Minerals

Western Cape

Ancient Ways- Knysna

Online Shops

Mystical– shop and forum

Earth DNA

Bloodrose Esoterix shop located in Roodepoort

Catnip & Karma– based in Polokwane

Mantra Lounge


*Essential oils and food or medicine quality herbs can be found at local pharmacies like Dischem.

Incense, Crystals, drums, knives, and statuary can be bought at fleamarkets.

Local nurseries may occasionally sell some unusual and witchy plants along with the more common, house plant and herbs which are essential for magic.

South African Pagan Bloggers and Services

Shadryn Carlston

Green Owl Druid

The Pagan Assistance Network

Pagan Business Network South Africa

The Pagan Cottage

South African Pagan rights Alliance

Penton Independent Alternative Media

South African Pagan council

Witchvox South Africa

Order of the Circle of Stones

Correllian Nativist Tradition

The Sacred sanctum of Vesta

Nature’s Hidden Treasures Facebook Page

Pagan Federation South AfricaPagan Religious Marriage Officers


Patsy’s Potions

Buddhism and Eastern Medicine

Nanhua Buddhist Temple

African Traditional Medicine and Practices

African Sangoma


Australian Traditional Witchcraft

Setjataset A wonderful Lady from Oz

Madam Magick

The Sanctuary of Hekates Crossroads

Lyceum of Heka (Fellowship of Isis)

The Other Side of WordPress– An Australian Pagan’s blog


The Temple Dark Moon

The Cauldron of Well being Shop


As Aussie Wytch’s book of Correspondences

Wicca Education

Enchanted Faery Realm

Gede Parma

Necropolis now

The Goddess House

Upside down witch


Pagan Federation New Zealand

Witchvox New Zealand

Dancers of Universal peace

Wyksted– online Wiccan supplies


Seeker’s Guide To Learning Wicca: Training To First Degree In The Southern Hemisphere

Celebrating The Southern Seasons- Juliet Batten

Dancing with the Seasons- Juliet Batten

Dancing Under an African Moon- Donna Darkwolf Vos

Witchcraft Theory and Practice- Ly de Angeles

Witch: A Magickal Journey Fiona Horne

Practicing the Witch’s Craft: Real Magic Under a Southern Sky

Any more Southern Hemispherean links you’d like to share?

Please do! Let us build a network of Pagans that dances with the rhythm below the equator!

Not on this list but want to be? Leave me a message in the comment box with your blog/website/shop name and its url. If you do not have a website URL it is a bit more difficult for me to track you, so please only contact me if you have a URL. Blogs are free on a number of sites and a great way to showcase your area of expertise, knowledge of the occult etc to don’t overlook them 🙂 If you are a store without a website url then send me the name of the general area.

I’m not keen on Psychic Suzi type things, as I honestly feel many of these are scammy and overly priced as well.

Have a book? Please leave me a message through the comment box or otherwise email me through the email addy on the contact page. Leave me the Url where I can find the book (Amazon or other seller) the name of the book and its ISBN number so that it can be found more easily.

My only requirements are that you are located within the Southern Hemisphere and that it is related to Paganism, Witchcraft, New Age spirituality, Holistic healing, etc.

If any of the links do no work, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “Pagan Resources for the Southern Hemisphere

  1. Hi I would like to Email friends in Pretoria from Pagan back groundas I am new to name is Johann so please feel free to talk to me and share intrests.

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